“Hermits and Revelers” new work by gallery resident artist Bryson Bost

Brightness, triumphs, celebrations, and the like, may be gathered in the quiets and among the crowds. A carmine red, for example, may feel loud on some days, and on others serene. This can be said of all the colors about the wheel. It is desired to share the many faces of shades and tints, and for one to speculate the decimal level of said color, as it speaks to each individual it crosses. Robust or timid, and in unison across the pieces exhibited, how high up, or how low is the volume of the combinations presented before you? Is it peaceful, is it frenetic? Reflect and enjoy!

Artist reception: first Friday May 3rd 7pm–11pm

Exhibition dates: May 3–25, 2019

KALEID Gallery
88 S. 4th St.
downtown San Jose

Gallery hours: Tuesday–Saturday 12pm–7pm.
Free admission.


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