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“Being.” Jennifer DeChenne Solo Exhibit February 2023

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“Being.” Jennifer DeChenne Solo Exhibit February 2023

KALEID Gallery is proud to present: Being. Jennifer DeChenne Solo ExhibitionArtist’s Reception: First Friday February 3rd 5pm–9pm I often find myself struggling with anxiety, which manifests itself in excessive thought and worry. I have found respite from these thoughts through day-dreaming, imaging beautiful, calm places where I would rather be. In order to create these paintings, I have tried to focus on the feeling that is evoked when I enter my dream space, and to allow that to guide me to the images in these pieces.  People often ask me if my paintings represent anything, whether the themes, symbols and shapes are representative of some sort of hidden message that I am trying to communicate. The answer to that question is that these paintings do not represent anything other than themselves and the feeling that they draw from the viewer. The feeling of the breeze on your face or the…

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