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“Embodied Perception”  Valentino Loyola solo exhibition Nov. 2022

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“Embodied Perception”  Valentino Loyola solo exhibition Nov. 2022

KALEID Gallery is proud to present:Embodied Perception Valentino Loyola solo exhibitionOpening reception: Friday November 4, 2022 5pm–9pmpart of the South First Fridays ArtWalk SJ.Loyola’s photographic artwork, “Embodied Perception,” conceptually, is an ongoing series that speaks to how, he, first, and others construct our own narratives; the realities of our personhoods; how we as individuals perceive ourselves and self-subscribed value, how we conform to the perceptions of self and those of exterior vantage points; not conforming; deconstructing and reconstructing our own realities and the internalizing of these perceptive points then, actively, embodying these perceptions to manifestation becoming a living installation of identity within the public sphere(s). Formally, the work follows two qualitative functions: a physical construction, tear down, and re-construction of the printed photograph and are at large rendered using a solarization, digital process that pulls the light and dark information in an image into opposite directions. This inverse movement of…

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