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Save the Date_Vanitas Exhibit at KALEID

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Save the Date_Vanitas Exhibit at KALEID

“Tromp-l’oeil Vanitas Still Life” by Franciscus Gysbrechts, 1650s. Vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas. ~ Vanity of vanities; all is vanity. A Vanitas is a work of art based on the idea of the transience of human existence and the knowledge that all has it’s end.  They have been common throughout the history of art, sometimes incredibly morbid with a sharp focus on death, others with obscured meaning hidden beneath a veneer of beauty. These participating artists are creating an interpretation of this classical theme in their own unique / visionary way: Fernando Amaro, Shannon Amidon, Erica Atreya, Julie Barrett, Lisa Benham, Sandi Billingsley, Mike Borja, Lacey Bryant, Kim Christman, Brandy Damian, Michael Foley, Monica Gonzalez, Michele Guieu, Jeff Hemming, Janice Kirkpatrick, Oscar Knutsson, Lucy Liew, Mariya Milovidova, Marcos Montes, John Paulson, Joe Perea, James Pollard, Al Preciado, Steven Reece, Jenifer Renzel, Valerie Runningwolf, Karen Carlo Salinger, Miha Sarani, Rene Lorraine Shilling,…

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