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TWO BUCK Tuesday April 17th!

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TWO BUCK Tuesday April 17th!

TWO BUCK Tuesday is April 17th, 7-10pm! Join us at KALEID Gallery for this upcoming Two Buck Tuesday! Come enjoy an inspired evening of art demos, performances, live painting, $2 art & quirky people get together! Here’s this evenings line up: In conjunction with her current featured exhibit Selcouth, Shannon Amidon will have a curiosity jar making station. For a small fee you can make and take home your very own little curiosity bottle using, feathers, minerals, bones, or other oddities. The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles invites you to participate in Crazy Quilts a fun interactive crazy patchwork method of quilting! Nathan will host Juxl Puzzle, A simple yet challenging strategy game you can play with just a piece of paper and a pencil. You start with 12 short lines that you connect with curves and ultimately build a protective maze around your character. Setup up fast!…

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