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KALEID presents Barajas, Marcotte Feature Exhibits

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KALEID presents Barajas, Marcotte Feature Exhibits

KALEID Gallery is pleased to present two new solo exhibitions for the month of Novmeber, 2010 featuring painter Joe Barajas, and photographer Josh Marcotte. The Process of Creation new paintings by Joe BarajasThrough his own unique set of imagery, Barajas’ explores the very basic and similar steps that every artist takes to create his or her individual work of art including Inspiration, experience and technique. Insomnia. Lost San Jose Nights by photographer Josh MarcotteStreet lamps wash the pavement in yellow, and the city glows like the sun never set. Years of closing shifts and no car means sleep comes late, if at all. The sidewalk is empty and it will be hours before you get home. Your mind is racing and music drowns everything out. You remember stories from your family, your history class and your friends, stories about where you are and you think, “I should take a picture…

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