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Victoria Vaz, Robin Wagar – featured November exhibits

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Victoria Vaz, Robin Wagar – featured November exhibits

KALEID gallery presents November featured exhibits by painter, sculptor Victoria Vaz and painter Robin Wagar. Artists’ Reception: First Friday, November 7, 2008, 7-9pm Free and open to the public. Classical guitar by Edgar. Series: Backs©08 by Victoria Vaz. A few notes on the piece that started it all; that pushed me off the edge and got me from my day job into my night one… I was in an office applying for work. The secretary asked me in a disdainful tone, “And you are… and you are here to see?” When I finally did get to speak to the hiring manager, he told me that he had just hired everyone that he needed for the Fall…too bad. I was in another office when I saw an old faded print from Picasso. It was from his blue period; a blue nude. The print was faded, but the message was crystal clear…

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