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First Friday May 2nd Featured Exhibits

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First Friday May 2nd Featured Exhibits

KALEID gallery presents featured exhibits by photographer Josh Hires and assemblage artist Philo Northrup. Artists’ Reception First Friday May 2nd, 7-9pm Music by Elevator Out The Market 2.0 by Josh Hires On the surface, The Market is a look at a single day in the life of the many street vendors in Bay-Area farmers markets. This collection of work is a culmination of Josh Hires’ targeted research and photography efforts over the past 2 years. Initially a BFA project at San Jose State University, the images strive to show us a dual purpose. Firstly, they showcase a cultural phenomenon that is rather unique within the scope of America’s agriculture scene. Second, and perhaps most importantly they address the larger question of “what is for dinner, and how do the varied answers to this question effect us as a society”. Comprised of a series of 20×20 and larger Light Jet Prints,…

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