KALEID Gallery is proud to present:

PHASES a video installation by Dean Levita.

Artist reception: First Friday, February 7, 2020 7pm–11pm
Free admission and all ages. Part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk SJ.

Dean Levita’s installation “Phases” is a non-narrative film that is experimental in form. During a gathering in San Francisco, a group of individuals share their creativity/practices. Levita filmed participants with no directions. The effects of grouping and mirroring became ways of self-reflection. Another layer is added when viewers associate and adopt their own opinion to the subject matter. The result is a film that focuses on the constant changes on how we view our own identity and that of others. 

Dean Levita’s work is guided largely by intuition and by finding a sublime through the repetition of shapes and colors in a deceptively simple way. Despite–or precisely because of–their simplicity, Levita’s paintings, installations, and photography embody a bright optimism seemingly executed with the brevity that inspires prolonged contemplation from the viewers.

Exhibition Dates: February 7–March 20, 2020

Gallery hours: Tuesday–Saturday 12pm–7pm.

KALEID Gallery
320 S. 1st St
downtown San Jose