KALEID Gallery is proud to present:

Liquid Color new works by Teresa Beyer

Artist Reception: First Friday, February 7, 2020 7pm–11pm
Free admission and all ages. Part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk SJ.

“This is my mask”
What do you see?
Whatever I want
But it is not me.
I am a woman,
A daughter, a wife
I was a girl once,
But now I’ve lived life.
We all wear masks, for different audiences.

Our romantic mask, our caring mask, our feminine mask, our warrior mask, our sad mask, our joyful mask. 

Masks have always fascinated me, the ability to hide one’s true feelings under a façade – instant bravery in a scary world. Put on clown make-up, and it’s no longer you with your anxieties, you are transformed and freed! 
I build my masks in the classic water color style, building up luminous layers over layers and using the unpainted paper as negative space. I especially love the eyes, animating an otherwise empty mask, the doorway into the soul of the painting.

I don’t only paint masks – I use the Liquid Color of watercolor, cold wax, acrylic and oil to bring life to landscapes, portraits, flowers and other objects. I have been painting for 25 years, primarily in watercolor, but occasionally using other media. I paint what I see or imagine, in order to bring more beauty into the world.

Exhibition dates: February 7–28, 2020

Gallery hours: Tuesday–Saturday 12pm–7pm.

KALEID Gallery
320 S. 1st St.
downtown San Jose