Artwork by Jemal Diamond.


This month’s TWO BUCK Tuesday is a full line up of creativity, inspiration and how-tos that will keep your creative juices flowing.

7:30pm: Framing Basics by Jeff Bramschreiber
KALEID resident artist and master framer Jeff Bramschreiber will give you all the information on finding the best way to frame a specific piece with a slant, things to consider in the design and color, estimated time needed and expected cost so artists can be adequately prepared and self reliant when preparing for an exhibit or upcoming festival (such as SubZERO. )

Steve Borelli drawing and telling Right Brain Rebel photo stories of his recent trip to Spain.

Jemal Diamond work in progress digital painting about “Smart Cities ”
“How do we communicate with the city of the future? How does it communicate with us, and what is it communicating about us? Abstract artist Jemal Diamond takes a colorful, improvisational look at the technology our ‘smart cities’ around us are incorporating, abstracting ways in which we connect with our environment, our communities, and the world around us.”

Come draw with the The Lola x Kenneth Collaboration
Hello! I’m Kenneth, and this is Crescenciana, my lola (“grandma” in Tagalog). Before my lola turned 94, I moved home to help care for her. I wanted to find a way to make the most of our time together, to create memories together, so I thought, “Hey, why don’t we make some cool stuff? Why don’t we make some art?” My grandma makes the paintings. I promise to finish everything she starts.

Makenzie a 7 year old 3D animal art maker will exhibit her works and even show you how to make one of your own according to her creative process.

Land and Sky Fine Art by J. Mandrick will be working on his signature landscape miniatures

Julie Meridian work in progress painting part of her Boilermaker series (glassware w/ interesting reflections)

Purl Bailey Yarnbombing Group
Add your knitty fingers to Purl Bailey’s yarnbomb group as she works on pieces for the upcoming SubZERO Festival on June 1 & 2. in SoFA District

Alfred Preciado live painting and sculpture

Sticker Critters will be creating magical critters through paper folding and cutting

Music by DJ Harmand Von Gold, and DJ Prince Eddie P of Groovesque

Excellent time to view our May feature exhibitions “Otherworldly” by Maytal Gotesman, and “almsgiving” by Bryson Bost.

TWO BUCK Tuesday is on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7pm–10pm and is free for all.

KALEID Gallery
88 S. 4th St. (next door to Flames)
downtown San Jose
Free street parking after 6pm, above KALEID garage parking $5 flat fee after 6pm

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