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Golden Paints Demo and Lecture 
KALEID Gallery – 88 S 4th St, San Jose, CA – (408)-947-1785
Presented by, Judy Gittelsohn, Certified Golden Paints Working Artist
Saturday June 18, 20161:00pm-2:30PM
Free and Open to the Public
Space is limited, you must register to participate.

Register at: https://goldendemo.eventbrite.com

The Golden lecture/demo is a one and one half-hour free educational presentation on acrylic paints, gels and mediums: an advanced technical explanation of acrylics, and their inherent possibilities. It covers information about the different types of pigments,
viscosities, types of paints, grounds and color mixing. Various gels and mediums are demonstrated.
You will learn how to extend paint to save money, and how to mix paints with gels to create unique textural surfaces. Learn how to use different products to make surfaces for watercolors, graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, oil and soft pastels. Techniques for the use of iridescent and metallic paints will be shown. The lecture covers, lightfastness of pigments and health and safety concerns.
The lecture will also include a brief explanation of the new Qor Watercolors and an overview of the stunning color palette of Williamsburg Oils.

A packet of literature and free samples of paint and gels are available for all those who
register and attend.

About Presenter:

Judy painting in Live Worms Gallery Oct 2015 by Patrick GlaizeJudy Gittelsohn has been painting in the Bay Area for over 30 years. She exhibits widely and her work is collected around the world.

Judy follows her own wondrous path from one concept to the next using paint as her narrative account. Her painting focus drifts from interpreting words and letters, giving them meaning, building a story, to beholding the natural world,featuring plants, planets, landscapes and abstracts. Often her work is layered in both subjects and in paint. The first layer of paint sets the tone. It maybe a word or an idea and then Judy builds the painting layer upon layer to be an object or an abstract. The final painting is built of these layers of thoughts and paint and often results in a simple elegant form. Her series of paintings are sensitive studies of an idea, forming a language that becomes familiar allowing these paintings to become vocabulary of our time.

Judy is a Golden Paints Certified Working Artist. Golden is an
American Company dedicated to making top quality paint for professional artists. She educates artists about the vast variety of Golden products and their uses.

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