Nadja Martens
The Animals

from the feature exhibit: Walk With Me Where No One Follows, November 6–27, 2015

The emotions I portray in my artworks for Walk With Me Where No One Follows are real, they exist and they are there. For that reason alone it was essential to me to use real animals and not fake ones, as none of what i show is fake in its existence.
The rabbit is curled up hiding his face, not wanting to be seen as processing sometimes is a very private affair. Nevertheless going through this process butterflies arise eventually and make it an important experience.
The Silent Scream shows the chaos and elegance or beauty that comes with over comings.
Dreaming of Serpents is about being in one’s own way. I’ve learned that most of the time the world is not my enemy yet I can be. Once the mouse starts looking it may come to see that it is not a snake choking around it’s neck but it’s own tail doing so.

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