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Join us at KALEID Gallery for this upcoming TWO BUCK Tuesday, April 21st, 7pm-10pm! It’s open to all ages and free to the public.

Enjoy an excellent evening of live painting, live model drawing, a drop in sketch table, small workshops, and as always, $2 art! It’s where awesome and quirky people gel together to make amazing things happen.

Participating Artists include:

1 David
Captain America’s best friend, David Mejia will be hosting a live model drawing workshop, free to the public. Pencil and paper will be supplied if you forgot your own.

Dug Stanat - A Bird From His Brim

The man who steals the creatures of your dreams and makes them a reality; Dug Stanat will be onsite merging dreams and reality with his mixed media sculptures.

Elizabeth Turcotte
Elizabeth Turcotte will be here with her dazzling hand crafted Jewelry.
Ralph Davis, Jr. will show you a world only seen through his eyes with his magical box of capturing time!

1 john H Book

The bodacious John Hageman Jr. will be here to promote his new book The Wooland Welfare Manifesto.

1James Pollard

Local historian James Pollard is going to be giving a brief discussion on the background of the Renaissance and one point perspective.


1 Al P
Alfred Preciado

1 Nic c

Nicolas Caesar

1 Mark Martinez

Mark Martinez

1 force 129

Force Onetwonine


Twobuck Gianfranco
Gianfranco Paolozzi will be charming us through the night with the smoooooooth sounds from deep within his heart. Sorry ladies, he’s already taken.


TWO BUCK Tuesday is April 21, 7pm-10pm!

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KALEID Gallery
88 South Fourth Street (@ San Fernando)
San Jose, CA 95112

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, noon -7pm
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