States of Being
solo exhibition by Kushlani Jayasinha


From one perspective, there are a variety of specific influences in Jayasinha’s work: Sri Lanka; Theravada Buddhism; a civil war; Physics; an eye for beauty taught by grandparent’s mountainous blooming gardens. There are journeys through quantum mechanics; writing software; parenting children; making a cosmopolitan home in the Bay Area; painting whole-heartedly.  At the moment of painting, these multitudes drop away – then the heart, the hand, the brushes, the canvas, the whole truth of this moment of living, the paints, the colors, and the seeing are one, connected to this never failing present.  Witnessing this unity, we viewers learn how we respond, how our body/mind take seeing colors and form and how our heart reverberate with the essential meanings of a moment cast onto canvas with no reservations: human truth for all to see.


Employing an exciting variety of styles, ranging from earth-colored tones showing our organic loamy roots through bright flashes of passion into peaceful oceanic reveries, where all the extremes are united and accepted as they are, Jayasinha’s art creates a faithful embodiment of her specific moments, and thereby a faithful integration of our joint lives. The painterly attention given to these inner forms hitting the canvas are thrilling; her art is abstract but not inhuman – they challenge us all to embrace our full humanity, not skimming over this or that abyss, but plunging in.  Some viewers find the colors and forms to be evocative of landscapes; landscapes which are full of human story and feeling.  If you are open to the possibility of love, and have the courage to face what is within and around us, then we invite you to follow Jayasinha on her honest journey through our many states of being.

Artist Reception: Friday August 1st, 7–11pm
part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk in downtown SJ
Exhibition dates: August 1–29, 2014