An Artist’s Trip to Baghdad
New works by Andrew Heine


Ten years ago, I served with the US Marines during the initial invasion of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The impact has been reflected in my work ever since. For this opening, I will showcase work that highlights how my art has evolved over time and will also display pieces using found objects that I brought back with me from Iraq. The tone of the work reflects the silent observatory nature of the artist compounded with the violent chaos of combat that can make the rationalization of a situation impossible. ~Andrew Heine


Andrew Heine was a Rifle Team Leader with the 1st Marines during the first wave of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. He now lives in San Jose, CA where he plays in the local band, Dogcatcher, and proudly raises his six chickens and a pig named Kevin.
Artist Reception: Friday, May 2nd 7-11 pm / part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS Art Walk
Exhibition dates: May 2-30, 2014

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