P1170308Interview with Nadja Martens on the occasion of her solo exhibition Minoule at KALEID during the month of August 2013. Interview conducted by Donny Foley.

KALEID: Your work has a very fairy tale feel them, is there a reason for that?


Nadja: They help me to understand myself better, sometimes others. Particular moments in a tale stand out to me or I’m drawn to a certain aspect of a characters soul/personality. Finding these moments and aspects and going through the process of sketching and painting, is not only rewarding me with a finished art piece but also with an insight I would otherwise not have.


KALEID: What is your favorite story and do you still read fairy tales?


Nadja: I still read them but have no favorite story in particular. I like a few very much and can read them over and over again. For example stories like Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz will always be interesting to me and always provide a new inspiration.


KALEID: When you’re not painting, how do you pass the time?


Nadja: When I don’t paint my regular life keeps me unfortunately quite busy. I wish I had more time to focus on my art. Hopefully one day 🙂


KALEID: Is Minoule your artist or nickname? Where did it come from?P1170316


Nadja: It is my dead cat’s name (you asked).


KALEID: What is a day of working like in your studio?  Do you have any rituals that help you get in you zone?


Nadja: I pray to my dead cat before I start. okay, just kidding ;)… I often spend hours painting either in the mornings or at night. Recently I switched to mornings and the only thing I need to start with is a concept, sketch and a cup of coffee.


KALEID: When you’re working on a new piece or series, what do you find most challenging?


Nadja: Almost everything is a challenge for me and I assume it’s not going to change anytime soon. Everything can and hopefully will improve. The only piece of mine I consider perfect as it is, is “Little Red Riding Hood ~ The First Touch”.


KALEID: How important are the titles to your work?


Nadja: Important, they support the message of the painting I assume. However, it’s a problem if the piece is finished but I haven’t understood by then why I painted it in the first place. So, sometimes my paintings have either no title or a temporary one.


KALEID: Out of all the works you’ve created, which one is your personal favorite?


Nadja: Little Red Riding Hood and her first encounter with the wolf “The first touch”.


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