Location Location Location by Jeff Hemming
Recently completed works examining environments, landscapes, and the flux of chaos, harmony and change ever present in our surroundings. I draw upon several sources of influence from abstract expressionism to post pop surrealism, figurative art and traditional landscape painters like Cole and Church. My work has a maximal approach through out the painting process. The finished work becomes a source of stimulation, an explosion for the senses. Instead of reducing the elements in a painting, I am always intrigued and challenged by including more into a work. The concepts behind the painting come from our associations with things being constructed or neglected including physical elements such like buildings, strip malls, and freeways, to the more enigmatic such as cultural traditions, memory, social structure, and environmental issues. Our environment today is a swirl of technology, abundance, and waste all at once. These paintings take an expressive look at where we are and the current state of location.

Artist’s Reception: Friday, February 1st, 7–11pm

Exhibition dates: February 1–22, 2013


88 South Fourth Street (@ San Fernando)
San Jose, CA 95112
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, noon -7pm, free admission


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