Opening Reception for Featured Artists Centa Schumacher & Al Preciado

KALEID Gallery is pleased to present two new solo exhibitions for the month of March:

“Portraits of the Innerself” new work by Valerie Runningwolf

The person we wake up with every morning or the stranger just passing on the street carries their truth safely hidden on the inside. Often it is a mask we put on every morning to face the world and take off each night in our dreams that is seen as reality.


“Steam Punk Explorations” new work by Dorothy Whitman

Steam punk is a sub genre that explores an alternate historical progression which is supportive of the environments and individuals. As with any genre in art it has its niches. I like exploring Victorian representations of technology and totems, as well as the inclusions of poetry and words as a way of looking deeper at the current expressions of the individual and what the meaningful components of their life truly are.

Artists’ Reception: Friday, March 2nd, 7–11pm
part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS art walk
Exhibition Dates: March 2–30, 2012

Gallery Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday Noon-7pm