TWO BUCK Tuesdays is an inspired event hosted by a crew of very
dedicated artists at KALEID Gallery on the Third Tuesday of the month.
This August session is curated by Michael Foley.

The Two Buck Tuesday Crew organizes artistic, creative speakers, live
demos, performances and live music jammed into three hours for a hyper
shot of inspiration that you’ll carry with you all month long until the
next one.

Artists and audience alike are invited to attend, contribute and share
in this unique event all free of charge.

On August 17th from 7-10pm the public can see and speak with many
amazing artists, performers and musicians and purchase $2 art (starting
at noon.)

Featured Speakers:


Michael Denning.
Bay Area Collage artist and teacher in Heart of Chaos’s Juvenile Hall art program sponsored by Catalyst for Youth. Michael will discuss his passion for art, its healing power and how he is using art to rehabilitate the incarcerated youth at risk.

Jeff Bramschreiber.jpeg

Jeff Bramschreiber
Bay area artist currently teaching at the Rosicrutian and Triton
museum.  Jeff will demonstrate how to re-create art in the same forms of
ancient Egypt using a variety of media


Professor Seigel  from the onibatsu school of the performing arts.
Ever wonder what it takes to start an Art Collection? What should you buy? How do you know if it is good? How to make investment grade purchases. Now that you brought it home, what do you do with it? Matthew Bailey Seigel will answer these questions and more. Bring $10 and you will leave with your very own curated starter collection.


LIVE HULA-HOOPING by Alyssa Carlsen

LIVE ART by BasicLee, Miguel Machuca, Mike 3.5, Mike Borja, Emonic, Christine Benjamin

Sketch Artists: Jaclyn Alderete, Kimi Star , Murphy Adams, Ivy Atoms, +MORE

TWO BUCK Tuesday- August 17th, 7-10pm FREE and open to the public.

KALEID Gallery
88 South 4th Street
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 947-1785