KALEID Gallery Featured Exhibits for September 2010: René Lorraine, Ras Lowe

Opening receptions: Friday, September 3rd, 7-9pm
(part of downtown San Jose’s South First Fridays monthly art walk.)

Free and open to the public.


Coexist & Bisect
Two new manifestations by René Lorraine

René Lorraine’s latest work is a fascinating take on man coexisting with unfamiliar species, ideals, and life styes that one may find on this earth. Coexist deals with embracing differences between souls and the shells they reside in, and is an unbeatable experience involving a harmonious dance between crisp clean line, and free-flowing watercolor pigments. Bisect is about the challenges one person may have desiring two very different life styles.  The delicate graphite mimic’s the fine line of having balance and not.

René Lorraine is a graduate of San Jose State University with a BFA in Pictorial Arts, and an A.A in Painting.


Shadows of Light, from the Hidden Sun A vision of the Authentic self by Ras Lowe.
This Art message is about deep personal inner visions, a progressive transmission of sacred information for the 21st. century, from the ancient temples of Egypt, to the jungles of Holy Peru. Remembering every moment in Life is a gift, and is precious, not to be wasted.Ras Lowe is a graduate from San Jose State University, MA, Urban Planning, and BA, in Black Studies-( African American Studies) He has lived in San Jose since 1969 and is retired  currently teaching (Japanese Swordsmanship)  Ken-do at SJSU.

Exhibit on view through September 24, 2010.


88 South Fourth Street

Downtown San Jose



Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday Noon – 7pm,
Saturday Noon – 5pm