We have a wonderful lineup for the January 20th TWO BUCK Tuesday speaker portion of the evening from 6-8pm:

TWO BUCK Tuesdays – $2 art sale and eclectic speaker series on the third Tuesday of every month.

Tues., January 20, 2009
free and open to the public

12noon – 8pm: $2 art all day (over 100 works to choose from!)

6pm-8pm: art related speaker series- 10mns each including:

Trina Merry paints on human canvas whilst Gio sings opera.

Christine Benjamin will be speaking about her art influences while creating a painting that her audience can get into literally!

Craig Parada will talk about how he converts found objects and garage detritus into useless and annoying electro-mechanical creations, and bring some to show.

Music by: DJ Egnyition

KALEID Gallery
88 South Fourth Street
San Jose, CA 95112