KALEID gallery presents November featured exhibits by painter, sculptor Victoria Vaz and painter Robin Wagar.

Artists’ Reception: First Friday, November 7, 2008, 7-9pm
Free and open to the public.
Classical guitar by Edgar.

Series: Backs©08 by Victoria Vaz.

A few notes on the piece that started it all; that pushed me off the edge and got me from my day job into my night one…

I was in an office applying for work. The secretary asked me in a disdainful tone, “And you are… and you are here to see?” When I finally did get to speak to the hiring manager, he told me that he had just hired everyone that he needed for the Fall…too bad. I was in another office when I saw an old faded print from Picasso. It was from his blue period; a blue nude. The print was faded, but the message was crystal clear to me: The blue nude had her back to my face.

In my face, her back revealed all that was going on at the moment. There is this constant battle to get things done, to get others to do their jobs, and it ends up on my back; my responsibility.

They say, “I don’t care to do that, I don’t want to do it, and it’s not in my job description.” This is the mantra of the lazy and incompetent, who seem to rule the day. Most turn their backs, giving no help, no support.

All I get is their backs
All I see is the backs of their heads.

When someone has the power to help, what do they do? They set up obstacles and roadblocks so you are immobilized. These people are rocks you step on to get where you are going…

What do you do then? Fly solo. Get it done. Do it now. Circumvent, cover your bases, and then ignore all of them; it is now my turn. They can see the back of my head. That is all they will see. So look!

These ‘Back’ Paintings represent a journey:
The first painting is an introspective work. One of those moments when you realize that you are alone.
The second piece is in acceptance of the situations of life; just tolerating the burden of what is dished out.
The third piece takes a stand. Yes, I am here and I will battle you. She stands watchful in a defiant/protective pose. This painting is based on one of my sculptures, “The Sentinel.”
The fourth piece is the beginning of leaving it all behind.
The last piece is surrender. For better or worse, in life or in death, it represents the giving of oneself without reserve. This piece is a reoccurring theme in my work.

This exhibit is dedicated to all of those who live by an outstanding work ethic and still get no respect.

Vanishing Treasures of the World by Robin Wagar

Campbell artist Robin Wagar has been traveling the world, one trip a year for 40 years, visiting sacred and historic sites, many of which are now designated as World Heritage Sites. She has been painting these sites in her own unique style in oils, acrylics and watercolors to help preserve them for future generations in her own unique way. Although formally trained in architectural illustration, Robin’s vibrant paintings go beyond mere illustration and capture the light, feeling and emotion of these special places.

Paintings of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Petra in Jordan, the Golden Domes a Ruaaian Kremlin, the Alhambra in Granada Spain, and shrines in Iraq and Jerusalem are among the sites that Robin has painted in her long and dedicated career.

Robin’s painting collection is entitled Vanishing Treasures, it is meant to promote conservancy. Each site has its own challenge to overcome. Whether destruction by war, damage by pillagers, encroachment by tropical vegetation and neglect, or encroachment by people, each site needs to be protected for future generations. By painting these sites, Robin hopes to bring attention to them. And, by donating part of the proceeds from sales of her original paintings or her giclees to benefit the preservation of World Heritage sites, she hopes to help this effort.

Although Robin usually exhibits her work across the United States and in Cyprus and Jordan, the public has the rare opportunity to see a retrospective of Robin’s paintings at Kaleid Gallery in downtown San Jose during the month of November.

Robin says: “Education and awareness are the first steps in preservation.” She invites you to become part of the effort by attending the opening reception for her exhibition and talking with her, or at least visiting the exhibition during the month of November, seeing her paintings and reading about the unique sites that are highlighted in this exhibition.

Exhibits on view thru November 28th.

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